Ramah Of The Rockies


“Rancho Deluxe has been instrumental in our county approval and all of our construction projects. Not only have they responded to our deadlines but the workmanship has been of the highest quality.”

-Don Skupsky, Project manager and board member of Ramah In The Rockies

Ramah of The Rockies is an outdoor adventure camp situated in the remote southwest corner of Jefferson County. For the past five years Rancho Deluxe has been the General Contractor for construction of fifteen tent platforms and a new toilet building which features water saving, dual-flush toilets - a huge hit with the hundreds of campers that had previously been using porta-johns. The shower house remodel also improved efficiency from eight single showers to eighteen showers that allow 150 campers to shower in 5 hrs. The dining patio now allows all 200 people at Ramah to enjoy each meal together.

Upcoming projects at Ramah include an outdoor pavilion, more tent platforms, an infirmary and staff lodging.

Rancho Deluxe was also a key player in assisting Ramah through the Jefferson County Site Development Plan process, which was key for the timely completion of first phase of projects.